There is no BEST time management software!

Neither is there any best task management software. Neither is there any best Pomodoro software. Neither is there any best GTD software. Neither is there any best CRM software.

Are you getting the idea already?

Thanks to my new master plan, I hang out on Quora quite a lot lately. It’s kind of a cool place, you know. You can ask anything there and you will actually receive an honest, well thought out answer. This is really rare on the interwebz. In most dumps like Reddit, Yahoo Answers or even Hacker news, 90% of the answers (or comments) are mean, negative, poor and totally useless. Gosh, I really hate those websites.

Anyway, I hang out on Quora now. So what? So I’ve noticed something interesting. In the productivity category, a huge amount of people regulary ask for the best software to do this, that or something else – and it’s ridicilous. That’s like asking which shovel does the best job in digging a freakin hole in the ground.

It does not matter! The best shovel is the one in your house! Stop looking for the Holy Grail. The shovel will not dig the hole by itself. No productivity software will make you more productive. No time management software will give you more time in your day. You have to learn, try and apply those things by yourself.

The tools you will use are irrelevant.

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