Launching online business is actually super hard for coders

Coders (especially web developers) have great starting position when launching new online business.

Other people interested into online entrepreneurship usually need to hire someone to code their website, search for a technically skilled co-founder or work out some sort of barter deal.

Programmers, developers, coders, or whatever you want to call them – these guys don’t need to do any of that stuff. They have rich IT background. They have no problem with writing code, optimizing SQL queries, deploying changes to production, managing mailing lists or configuring web servers.

Do you know what the biggest problem for them is?

No, it’s not that they are all shy, asocial, grumpy and don’t like people or daylight.
Well, sometimes yes. But usually no.

It’s that they hate anything repetitive. They are actually trained and paid for not doing anything that can even remotely remind repetition. And they are punished if they choose not to listen.

The problem is, once you gloriously launch your shiny new product, the fun is over.
Nothing but repetition awaits you from this moment on.

Market and promote your product, over and over, with little to no changes between.
Setting PPC campaigns, setting Facebook promotion, setting Twitter promotion, solving tech support requests, answering questions.

Same shit, all day long, every day. We are not used to this! It feels unnatural. It literally feels wrong – doing the same thing over and over.

But that’s exactly what you have to do. And not just in the marketing department.
At the beginning, you aim for theΒ MVP. There is literally no time (or resources) for unit tests, acceptance tests, continuous integration, DRY, design patterns and all that other fancy stuff you know from the corp. world.
Except version control. Version control is crucial.

Peace out.

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