Killed 3 of my side projects

Finally. After weeks of hesitation, I made a decision.

I’ve launched about 10 side projects in the past few years and today I’ve shut down 3 of them.

What did I launch?

  1. Tomatoid 🍅 Personal productivity app
  2. Navihub 🗺 Location aware venue search engine
  3. 💼 Crowdsourced software recommendations
  4. This blog, which I’ve switched from CS to EN recently
  5. My personal CV
  6. WebcomicZone 😀 Automatic webcomic aggregator
  7. Just Pomodoro – Online Pomodoro timer
  8. Just Timer – Online time tracker
  9. Just Todo – Online task manager
  10. Tomatoid for teams 👥 Affordable time tracking for teams [Q2 2018]
  11. 🛒 Czechia-based delivery service [Q4 2018]

What did I shut down?

Navihub 🗺

And why:
– It was web-only app, while the service was actually targeted at mobile users.
– Fulltext-like venue search results were beaten by mobile social apps with integrated map & navigation.
– It didn’t really have any business model – because 4 or 5 years ago (launch), I had literally zero knowledge about freelancing or any kind of business.

Conclusion: If you are inexperienced in making/bootstrapping, share the idea/project with as many people as possible. Also, make a fucking MVP first, not a full product.

WebcomicZone 😀

And why: This was intended as fun/free-time project right from the start, but actually consumed quite a lot of time over the months and would continued to do so. While that alone would be fine with me, the page itself got quite cold feedback from the webcomic community – so why bother? If it ain’t gonna make people happy & it ain’t gonna make money, it’s useless.

Conclusion: If you want to make something just for fun (which is absolutely fine), research the community first.

TrustworthyBiz 💼

And why: I’ve literally made this in one week. From the idea to launch. That is a huge success for me, because I am terrible at planning & budgeting. And I mean really terrible. Anyway, after launch, this didn’t get much traction. And since it took only one week of my free time, it was really easy to abadon.

Conclusion: Even if this didn’t skyrocketed, I call it a success. I had an idea, I’ve built MVP very quickly and immediately validated it.

What am I keeping?

Tomatoid 🍅

And why: I use it every single day and simply think it’s the best personal all-in-one productivity app available. Also, it makes some money 🤑.

Tomatoid for teams 👥

And why: I have the code. I have the user base. Also, company time tracking can get ridiculously expensive for large teams. I want to offer an alternative.

Just Pomodoro ⏰

And why: Tomatoid moved from simple pomodoro timer to full-blown productivity app. This may scare people who are looking really just for a pomodoro timer. Surprisingly, the state of online pomodoro timers is almost the same as in 2013. They all suck. That’s why I will keep this spin-off online and free.

The same goes for: Just Timer; Just Todo 🛒

And why: Numerous times validated idea by the target audience/personas. Also, it’s offline/real-world. I am getting tired of sitting in from of laptop all day, even if it’s in a café, park, or whatever. You are still just sitting and pushing little buttons.

Also, if you are interested in some of the following domain(s), let me know:,,,

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