sales-marketing staff writer

Staff Writer

Trueline is seeking an experienced writer to join its team in Portland, Maine, and contribute to its publishing business.

Interested? As a writer, you’d be responsible for cranking out 1,000 word stories daily, which appear in the promotional publications, and As one writer puts it, “every day is deadline day,” so the pace is fast and the workload is heavy. To counter the stress, there’s a ping pong table, donuts at least once a week; and Trueline has been voted a Best Place to Work in Maine by employees multiple years running, so there’s a great work culture.

Job Responsibilities

  • Conduct phone interviews and manage a queue in our workflow management system
  • Communicate and manage the back-and-forth with editors
  • Share written content with clients and solicit feedback
  • Work against rolling deadlines and providing a fast turnaround on stories and story summaries

Minimum Job Requirements

  • MUST HAVE 2+ years of experience writing stories for a newspaper, magazine or publication (Copywriting, blogging are not enough, though are a bonus.)
  • Professional communication skills
  • Ability to work in the office; remote work is not an option

If you meet these qualifications, we would love to hear from you! The body of your email can serve as your cover letter—a separate one is not necessary.


We offer medical and dental benefits, partially paid parking, the ability to work remotely one day a week after a grace period; competitive salary (for Maine).

About Trueline

Nestled in the downtown of Maine’s largest city, we specialize in corporate executive branding, and have worked with attorneys, business leaders and entrepreneurs of the highest caliber. Most of our clients are out-of-state; however a growing aspect of our business is branding, marking and consulting for local businesses.

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