sales-marketing executive assistant / marketing va / lead gen

Executive Assistant / Marketing VA / Lead Gen

Who We Are

Monetize Your Expertise (aka MYE) is a course production company - we create online courses and training for people and companies by doing all of the heavy lifting for them. Rather than running in circles for 6-12 months or more, trying to figure out how to build an online course, we do it for them. It only ends up taking a few hours of their time, and the result is world-class!

All our clients have to do is show up on a series of interview calls with us, and then take a few hours to record the audio from an outline we provide to them, and we do the rest. It takes them about 25 hours total (instead of 12 months) and we do all the work outlining their course, incorporating any other materials they might have, creating slides, worksheets, quizzes and more, editing the videos into a finished course, setting it all up onto a learning management system (LMS) and marketing the course to generate revenue for them.

What We Offer


This position is a great opportunity to get the “behind the scenes” look inside a fast-growing business (course production company) with a distributed team.


Work when, how, and where you want, including traveling as far as you have a reliable internet connection.


Plenty of training available. If you’re interested in getting your hands into other parts of the business, we're happy to help you develop new skills.

In fact, we have access to an entire massive library of courses from past projects that you can learn from (upwards of $50,000 worth of courses that you will get access to).


For a qualified individual, there is room for growth in the company.

If your primary focus is getting this position just to make money, then this probably isn’t a great fit (there are certainly faster and easier ways to make a quick buck - it's more about happiness, impact and doing something great).

However, if you are interested in learning a ton, doing great work, working with super cool people and serving extremely interesting and varied clients (while also being compensated), then this is for you.

Our Culture

We are a team of people who all deeply care about doing good work, helping each other, and helping our clients. The work style of the team is pretty independent - we make sure everyone has what they need to do a great job and then everyone goes off and does deep work.

MYE doesn't try to grow as fast as possible, or make as much money as possible, or slave-drive employees. We value growth and learning and a well-rounded life. You can work in the way that is best for you, as long as you produce amazing results for our clients.

The most important thing - this isn't a job. You are becoming part of the "team" for our company. This means that we don't want someone to just clock in and clock out, and do the bare minimum just to get paid. We need you to actually care about what we do as a company, want to help us grow and improve.

Basically, if you just want to show up, get the work done, and go home, this is not for you.

If you will be excited to do the work, bringing with you tons of ideas for how the company can grow and do better... if you're pumped to think about where we are headed as a company, and seeing this opportunity as an investment in growing something greater than yourself, then you are our type of person.

Work With Us

Executive Assistant

What you'll be responsible for:

  • Email / customer support
  • Lead generation (basic tasks for lead gen that we will train you to do)
  • Organizing projects stats and information
  • Possibly the occasional client phone call (to set an appointment or check in about minor things then passing off to other team members)
  • Project quality assurance support
  • Organizing / sourcing / testing other contractors
  • Ideally someone who can jump in and help other team members on various things, when needed. Sometimes a random event happens for the first time that we need to respond to, and so we try to hire the types of people who are willing and able to jump in, find solutions, and propose ideas.
  • Some database building based on research (example: creating a spreadsheet with links to articles about a topic)
You've got what it takes if you:

  • Are an excellent problem-solver.
  • Are relationship-oriented and focused on helping others. Your goal is to understand what the client wants visually and make it a reality....then make it even better than they imagined.
  • Have a can-do attitude. Ok, I know that is a cheesy way of saying it. But basically, if you don't know how to do something your default response should be "I don't know but I'll figure it out ASAP".
  • Have fluent / perfect English. We only hire 100% fluent English speakers. It can be your second language (it is for several people on our team), but it needs to be damn good because we are a distributed team, so ultra clear communication is essential.
  • Have a passion for online courses, education, learning, teaching, and helping people.
  • Have a drive to learn. Due to the nature of this job it is essential that you have the perspective and drive to learn anything you need to learn - this role is centered around learning and then teaching (via creating courses).
  • Have a great attitude. You must have an amazing attitude and be able to perform at your best even if you are jet-lagged, stressed, and confused about what you should be doing. *Deep breath, ok, what do I need to do next?*. If you need to be told what to do on a daily basis, this is not for you. You will need to have ownership of the things you do once you are trained on how to do them.
  • Are insanely dependable. There is a lot more to this position than existing skills. Dependability and responsiveness is more important to us than anything. On a scale of 1 to 10, we’d take a dependable apprentice with a good attitude who is a 7 in terms of skills over an unresponsive apprentice with a bad attitude who is a 10 any day.
  • Are very organized and never miss deadlines or important details.
  • Have superlative attention to detail.
  • Required Skills:
  • Proven working experience as an executive assistant or senior executive assistant
  • Excellent MS Office knowledge and English proficiency
  • Outstanding organizational and time management skills
  • Acquainted with office management systems and procedures
  • Excellent verbal and written communications skills
  • Discretion and confidentiality
  • Bonus Skills:
  • Familiarity with online courses
  • Project management skills
  • Research
  • Lead generation
People who would probably not find this opportunity interesting or rewarding:

  • People who only check their email once a week and respond to it once a month.
  • People who say they will do something by tomorrow but then deliver it next week.
  • People who are passive-aggressive or uncomfortable communicating directly.
  • People who can only do work "when they feel inspired".
  • People in it just for the money. This is for someone growth-oriented.
  • Those who half-ass things. Everyone on our team works really, really hard. Yet we do it with autonomy and because we inherently enjoy doing great work.
Compensation and Career

USD $1,000 / month

This is a part-time position, at least to start. If things go well, this can become a full-time opportunity within 3-6 months, depending on performance.

We are looking for someone to help us grow this company in a long-term position. We are rapidly growing (approximately 100% growth per year) and we hope that you will grow with us.


Remote, US timezones preferred. (Asia won’t really work for this position unless you are willing to have a crazy schedule long-term).

How To Apply

  • Click the "Apply Now" button (top right or at the bottom)
  • Answer the application questions
  • While the headline is optional we prioritize applications that answer this question - we suggest you answer this with a one-line description of your position and the type of work that you do
  • The application system requires a resume / CV. If you do not have a formal resume, we recommend attaching a work-sample that best illustrates the type of work you can do, which best illustrates your ability to perform the type of work described in this role. In fact, we also prioritize applications that include work-samples, as your ability to show you can do the work helps us make the decision to hire you with more confidence more so than what your degree is in. If you would like to include both, you can attach 1 file and include a link in your cover letter to the others.
  • While a cover letter is not mandatory, we recommend using this space to explore the answer to these questions: "How could you prove that you can do the work described in this position? If you were hiring for this position, and had 999 other applicants, would you confidently hire hire yourself? Why or why not?"
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