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Remote Marketing Intern

ABOUT THE COMPANY:<br/><br/>The GAO Group consists of several leading technology companies in the USA and Canada. After 25 years of experience and innovation, The GAO Group has grown into a leading North American supplier of advanced fiber optic, electrical, environmental, structural, water, networking, computing and auto-ID products.<br/><br/>JOB DUTIES:<br/><br/>- Use social media such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and emails to build professional connections and generate leads.<br/><br/>- The use of a LinkedIn account will suffice for the purpose of this internship, NO PHONE CALLS REQUIRED.<br/><br/>REQUIREMENTS:<br/><br/>- Currently studying for or have previously earned a University degree in any field.<br/><br/>- Demonstrates willingness to learn, strong work ethic, and a commitment to successfully completing assigned job tasks.<br/><br/>The benefits of this internship include the ability to gain real work experience at an internationally reputable tech company, as well as expand your knowledge of the marketing/sales field. This is an unpaid internship designed to help students and post-graduates earn valuable experience in their desired field. Some students may be able to earn college credit through their college or university. This internship is short and convenient - it is only two months long and is a remote position that can be completed from any location. Interns receive three skill-based certificates upon completion of 340 hour requirement.<br/><br/>Please submit resume with contact info to [email protected] if interested in applying for the position.