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ACD Copywriter

ACD Copywriter 


Mountain View, CA

TDA Creative has partenered wiht Mountain View based Branding and Design Agency to idenfity an ACD Copywriter.

You are a thinker, innovator, leader, and writer. You bring concepts to life with the power of language. Ideas come naturally to you and you empower the team to push further with passion. You command the room and influence our client partners and our team with positivity, intuition, and strategic thinking. You are on a journey and you’re now looking for a new challenge—a chance to push yourself, to lead, to grow, and to make the best work of your career. 

You’ll bring to the group a background of branding and design writing executed across different mediums (web, video, social, packaging). You’re equally dependable with concepting and execution and you look forward to the opportunity to work across departments, lead a team, maintain tonal consistency, and make a big impact wherever necessary. 

***Specific emphasis on design writing, brand communication, UX/UI writing, and content for lifestyle and technology categories. 

What You’ll Do: 

·       Contribute to various large-scale digital projects, including websites, branding, content, campaigns, and more 

·       Lead and create presentations to bring world-class ideas to life 

·       Facilitate brainstorms to generate concepts and solutions to project briefs 

·       Create decks that clearly articulate the team’s vision 

·       Mentor and guide a team of copywriters while maintaining brand standards and industry best practices 

·       Create strategic recommendations rooted in consumer research and articulated in concise, powerful presentations 

·       Guide and provide feedback to a multidisciplinary team of designers, strategists, and writers, keeping a steady eye on end project goals 

·       Be a strategic, empathetic, and persuasive partner to the client team 

·       Work on location at the company’s office in Mountain View 

What You’ll Bring: 

·       Creative agency experience or similar; familiarity with workflow and production process 

·       Strong ability to advance and articulate the role of writing in visual and interactive design, user-centered experiences, brand development, and the creative process 

·       An innate desire to push yourself, the people around you, and the projects you work on 

·       Unflinching ability to juggle many projects at once 

·       Exceptional knowledge of brand programs, interactive design, online retail, and related industries 

·       Confidence, talent, and poise when presenting work to stakeholders at all levels 

·       Natural curiosity driven by an entrepreneurial and independent spirit 

·       Real passion for our craft: design, creativity, technology, and leadership 

·       Influence, empathy, and understanding, with an ​ego-free passion for mentoring and guiding the team 

·       Hunger to be in the work as much as you guide it, and a willingness to get in the weeds from time to time 

·       Energy and positivity in an environment that thrives on clarity and vision 

·       Ability to see all sides of a situation and find a clear path forward 

·       Rad vibes 

What You’ll Get: 

·       Money 

·       Full benefits including medical, dental, and vision 

·       Paid holidays and vacation 

·       Globally renowned clients who are also very nice people 

·       Dogs to pet; things to drink; food to eat 

·       A fearless, hard-driving team of talented creatives 

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