spiffy combination of release process qaengineer

Spiffy Combination Of Release Process QAEngineer

Employer's note: We're looking for someone in the DC to Richmond, VA area-ish; however, we could live with the NE corridor-ish. More in the posting.

Job description

We're looking for a new team member to drive the release management process behind our small-and-mighty engineering team. We believe that our ability to ship software quickly is a key competitive advantage, and as-such are continually driving ourselves towards a fully realized continuous delivery process. In this role, you will be expected to be a leader towards accelerating this effort, which entails overseeing the full delivery lifecycle - planning the release process as features are being designed / developed, aiding the engineering team's build out of functional & automated testing efforts, assessing the quality criteria of what is shippable, and communicating the timeline and expectations to stakeholders. Furthermore, you’ll be responsible for driving a company culture of fast, reliable software delivery by researching the state of the space, prioritizing areas of investment, and partnering with others to move us forward.  This all means that you'll be helping our with the actual testing of the code and driving improvements to how we test.  Should we change how we're using our tools to make this better? Drive that discussion. Yes, we're looking for a combination of all of these things!

**  Update on 'Location' : So, while we do have the 'remote' flag on, we're ideally* looking for someone in the Richmond, VA area-ish (think: 2 hour train ride, so DC to Raleigh to Charlottesville); however, we could live with the NE corridor-ish (think:

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