sales-marketing copywriter


At Photon Software, we are currently looking for a freelance copywriter to help us develop new content for our own website, and a new blog for a platform we launched recently called boxApp.

As far as Photon.Software, what we need is to develop content for the homepage, as well as some case studies to showcase on the site.

For boxApp, we need to create and maintain a whole new blog. For this reason, we are looking for someone that is interested in a long term gig. We don't anticipate this work taking many hours out of the week, but it will be consistent and for the long term.

The idea is to begin writting one or two articles per month for boxApp while work for Photon Software is being finished. Once Photon Software is wrapped up we can spend more time on boxApp.

This is a fully remote position. It is also part time so there is no set schedule you must meet. If you would rather work nights or during the weekend, that's totally fin as long as the work gets done weekly (or whitin the agreed timeline).

The perfect candidate would be someone familiar with technology, but not an expert on the subject. There is no need to understand code or programming concepts. But there is an expectation that the candidate is familiar with current apps, marketplaces, social networks, etc. We also expect the candidate to be well versed on SEO best practices and technical writting.


  • Must understand SEO best practices.
  • Must have a good understanding of current best practices for Ad placements, specifically within Social Media.
  • Must have an interest and appreciation in technology
  • Any experience with Virtual Reality is a plus.

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