sales-marketing inbound digital marketer

Inbound Digital Marketer

The Inbound Digital Marketer accelerates inbound leads.

This job is perfect for: A skilled digital marketer who can plan, execute and monitor lead generation using state of the art marketing automation tools and techniques.

We know you'll enjoy the benefits of joining our remote team. Here's what we're looking for in the right candidate:

  • Strong aptitude for technology, SaaS, and mobile apps
  • Able to create dynamic content with a focus on SEO and Brand Awareness in the healthcare technology market
  • Out of the box thinker who can drive influencer relationships
  • Skilled in web development and graphic design
  • Networking and Social Media savvy (ex: LinkedIn, Facebook)
  • Able to create & coordinate multi-channel marketing campaigns and related content/collateral
  • Skilled in marketing automation

Job Duties will vary and keep things interesting. but some examples of daily activities include:

  • Create relevant content that is both enticing and increases SEO & CTA
  • Work with sales and customer success departments to create and manage drip campaigns
  • Produce measurable results as part of a fast-paced team and independently

Strongly encouraged to apply:

Clinicians with marketing skills and the desire to transition into a marketing role from the comfort of home.

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