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Pattern Design for Mobile Accessories

We are a fashion-forward mobile accessories company. We are looking for a pattern designer to work with us on an hourly/part time bases to design patterns (that fit our brands) which will go on the back of mobile phone cases.

The candidate can work remotely.

Brand Message:


Please submit your CV, examples of your work as well as answers to the below questions to [email protected] Submitting a pattern the fits the brand is a bonus.

Question 1:

Please tell us how you can stay up with current fashion/pattern trends? 

Question 2:

Why should we hire you? 

Question 3:

Do you have experience with designing fashion accessories or phone accessories? 

Question 4:

Are you able to do 3D CAD drawings? Have you developed tech packs before? 

 If not, are you able to source someone in your team?  

Question 5:

Have you worked with Chinese manufacturers before?

Expected hourly rate is 100$ to 150$

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