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2D Animators

We are looking for a full-time job animator to animate scripts into short videos.

Job requirements:

-Average video length will be 8 minutes

-There will be at least 1 video a week.

-Each video should take from 3 to maximum 10 days to be done.

-Every 3-10 days we will send you a new script.

-The scripts will be sent along with their VO, it is possible to send 2 scripts at a time.

-The main characters that are used in the video should differ from one video to another.

-The characters should be beautiful, even stunning.

Here’s a sample video on how the animation should be: https://youtu.be/fNWoWsy5RUA

Check out our Youtube channel to get an idea: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYzEMRKqrh01-tauv7MYyVQ

We will not provide access to any online ready characters, by the time you’ll have your own drawn items to use for future videos.

Regarding the budget, we offer 500$ per video.

We will send you a sample paragraph to do a video for it.

Send a proposal only if you meet with the requirements.

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