sales-marketing social media specialist

Social Media Specialist

Polarr is looking for a Social Media Specialist to help build, manage different social platform presence.

You have:

• In depth knowledge of the social media campaign lifecycle.

• In depth knowledge of the photography and Apps industry.

• Expert in popular social apps and tools such as Snapchat, TikTok, Instagtam.

• Ability to learn, understand and be inquisitive about different international cultures with excellent analytical skills, strategic thinking and great attention to detail.

• Great sense of the changing social media landscape and be able to actively provide insights and suggestions on social media contents and topics ahead of time.

• Great graphic creation, video creation, edit and visual design skills.

You will:

• Collect the latest different cross-border news and hot topics, create compelling and localized blogs and photo posts in both English and Chinese to share with our audiences.

• Have conversation, mingle and directly interact with diverse and international communities of Polarr users through social media.

• Analyze key metrics of different content pieces to identify opportunities via data from Google Analytics and related platforms.

• Source photos and create filters for different topics and posts.

• Acted as a bridge between global and local social team on a daily basis, gather global social contents/creative assets and apply to the local social channels and vice versa.

You are:

• 1-3 years of work experience in managing social media accounts, creating content, filming, and photo editing.

• Fluent in English. You can communicate in English in both writing and speaking with team members and Polarr users, and able to translate content materials from English to Chinese. IELTS scored 7.0 or above, strong ability of reading and translating is preferred.

• A creative problem-solver, able to identify a problem and work to find the root cause/solution.

• Passionate in creating and acting as different personas when interacting with users.

• Detail Oriented, able to pick up on small details that may have a larger impact.

• Data-driven, able to use analytics to identify issues, use data to support decisions.

• Able to communicate efficiently and effectively with both users and internal team members.

• Able to change contexts quickly. You will be working on multiple different projects at the same time, and need to be able to pivot quickly from one to the other.

You can find more about how it is like to work at Polarr with additional resources such as perks and remote policies at our careers page.

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