Getting real with promoting your bootstrapped business (prelude)

“You just create the ultimate killer product and they will come.”
“All you need to do is ship, ship and ship!”

Easy, right?

Well, no. Not by a long shot. And double no for any SaaS business.

It took me a while to finally understand this. Especially when the internet is filled with overnight success stories and similar shitty, toxic content.

There is one catch tho: I am still (just) a web developer, thus I feel much more comfortable with my text editor, IDE and database queries than with marketing and promotion strategies. Actually, I have absolutely no idea how to properly do those things and how to address the correct people.

Now, this is a pickle. Especially if you are trying to bootstrap your business alone, without a co-founder and employees. You have to learn how to do everything by yourself.

Side note: Also, I am never really satisfied with the current version – it always needs just one more cool feature and after that it will be done. Right? Hahah, no.

Well, what then?

I have done pretty much nothing in the marketing department until last month. That is until I’ve found The Epic Guide to Bootstrapping a SaaS Startup from Scratch — By Yourself. Based on this fantastic read by Clifford Oravec, I’ve prepared my brand new master plan.

Wanna know the master plan? Follow me on Twitter and I will let you know when it’s ready to publish.

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