Book Excerpts: Hack E-mail

I know, I know… I’m a little late to the party.

These are my notes from the book Hack E-mail: Email Outreach and Marketing Ideas Based on Sales Psychology

These are just my excerpts from the book! It’s not something I have to agree with or something I am necessary using!

Let’s go

💡The three C’s

  • Be Clear (simple, specific)
  • Be Concise (short)
  • Be Courteous (because it’s you who needs something)


  • Personified
  • If you don’t know the person name (info@ or support@ addresses), just use “Hi there”
  • Informal, casual (close to real conversation)

💡I, we, me, our, …

  • Mention yourself as little as possible
  • Mention the recipient as often as possible
  • Rule of thumb: The count of “I” should be lower that the count of “You”


  • To leverage the feeling of reciprocity, do some of the following:
    • Follow on Twitter
    • Use their product
    • Subscribe to newsletter
    • Comment on blog posts
    • Download their ebook

💡Always ask yourself

  • “What will the recipient gain from this relationship?”

💡Do your homework

  • Know the person/company
    • Read their
      • Twitter timeline
      • Recent blog posts
      • About page(s)
  • Don’t ask about things you can look for by yourself on Google, Facebook, LinkedIn or their blog

💡Compliment their work

  • This must be very specific (use your homework from above)

💡Be positive

  • Associate yourself with positive words
    • In the subject line
    • In greetings
    • “Thank you!”
    • “… loved your article!”

💡Communicate your mission, goal and vision

💡Demonstrate vulnerability

  • Don’t be afraid to show people that you need their help

💡Name dropping

  • Use your relations with
    • People
    • Brands
    • Companies
    • Products

💡Did you get this e-mail?

  • Wait 7 days before another message
  • Always ask why they turned you down
  • Always have closure

💡“Do things for people, because they will want to do things for you.”

These ⤴ are my notes from just one chapter of the book – in my opinion the most useful one.

I don’t follow all of them. Mainly because your first message must be super simple and super short – There is no way you can incorporate all these tips into it. As a generic codex, however, this is ok.

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